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What is Social Security Disability?

If you expect to be out of work for a period of 12 months or more due to a medical condition, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits. There are 2 different types of benefits a person can apply for. While both benefits require you to meet the medical qualifications, each type has different technical qualifications.

The first is Disability Insurance Benefits, also known as SSDI, DIB, and Title 2. In order to technically qualify for DIB benefits you must have enough work credits.

The second is Supplement Security Income, also known as SSI, and Title 16. In order to technically qualify for SSI benefits you must meet the income and asset criteria.

Our Services

Applying for Social Security disability can be emotional and confusing. We understand and are here to support you through this process.

We are an advocacy group that specializes in Social Security Disability benefits. Our goal is to ease some stress created by this emotionally frustrating process by staying in close contact with you so that you feel comfortable and understand what’s going on with your claim. We follow up with you regularly to ensure Social Security receives all the documents they need to move forward with your case, and we file your applications and appeals for you so you don’t have to navigate the online systems or deal with complicated paperwork.

There is no fee if you are not approved for benefits, and unlike most advocacy groups, we don’t charge you for the cost we incur from gathering evidence on your claim. Utilizing our services early on in the application process can increase your chances of getting approved sooner by eliminating document errors and unnecessary paperwork. We know the rules and can potentially get your more benefits by filing the correct paperwork as quickly as possible.

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Mountain West Disability Is Here to Help You

Mountain West Disability, based in Salt Lake County, Utah, is a disability advocacy firm devoted to getting you approved for disability benefits. We are a BBB Accredited Business dedicated to providing you with quality representation.

If your doctor says you can’t work anymore, then you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. We work with you to see if you meet the criteria established by the Social Security Administration. In order to do this, we make sure we have all relevant medical records and work history that will help establish your disability, and we also work with your doctors to make sure your limitations are clearly outlined for the Social Security Administration.

If your case is escalated to the hearing level, we continue to advocate for you in front of a judge. Our attorney’s are experienced and want to do everything they can to prove your conditions are preventing you from working. After reviewing your file they call and discuss your case with you, they meet with you before the hearing to ensure you are comfortable, and will address any concerns regarding the strength of your claim with you.

Hiring an advocate requires no money out-of-pocket. Our fee is set by the Social Security Administration at 25% of any back pay that you are awarded, up to $6,000.00. We also include FOR FREE the cost of collecting all of your relevant medical records. Most other advocacy groups require you to reimbursement them for these costs, whether you are approved or not. These costs can be quite high, but our “Free Record Policy” allows you to keep more of your benefits in your pocket after you are approved.

We can evaluate the status of your claim no matter what phase it’s in. If you have recently been denied, we can file an appeal. If you recently had a hearing scheduled, we can represent you. If you would like to start a new claim we can file the paperwork for you. The most important thing is filing all the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. Filing quickly could potentially give you more benefits down the road. We do everything we can to expedite this process.

One way we speed things along is, if you are within our 45 mile radius, we’ll drive to your home to acquire the initial paperwork that is so critical to hiring us as your representative and getting your application filed. We have affectionately named our company car “Velma”. She is a critical member of our team that provides just one more way we can become the ultimate advocate on your claim. Velma is a Chevy hybrid. She runs on electricity and so not only are we expediting your claim, but driving ‘green’ as well.


Call today and Velma may be coming to you!IMG_0242Velma Radius



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