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FICA and Disability

When you work and receive a pay check, an amount is deducted from your check for "FICA." FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act. These deductions are designed to fund Social Security and Medicare and provide for a variety of benefits to the disabled, widows and widowers and children.

Over 4 million people currently receive benefits in the disability program. Generally speaking, to be considered "fully insured," you must:

-Have worked at least one quarter of a calendar year (QC) starting at age 21. You need a minimum of 6 QC's to be fully insured, up to a maximum of 40.

-Have a disability that fits the Social Security Administration's definition of disability.

-Have a disability that is expected to keep you out of work for one year or result in death.


Our Services

Although there is nothing to stop you from filing your own application(s) and showing up and doing your best at the hearing, the odds that you will be successful are lower than if an experienced Social Security Disability advocate did this for you. Presentation of the claim is important, so too is understanding what is needed to demonstrate that you meet a disability that meets the SSA's strict requirements.

At Mountain West Disability, we can do all this for you, from the initial application with Social Security through to a hearing and even the Appeals Counsel if necessary. All along the way, your claim will be presented in the best possible light with the needed medical and vocational documentation that will help improve your chances of being approved.

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We would love to help you with your claim or answer any questions you may have, even though you might be trying to do this on your own!

Please give us a call at 888-765-8644 or use the form on the left to ask a question or get the processes started.

Mountain West Disability Is Here to Help You

If you have worked and paid into the Social Security system by having FICA deductions taken out of your paycheck, and if your doctor says you can’t work anymore, then you are probably entitled to collect Social Security disability benefits.

Mountain West Disability, based in Salt Lake County, Utah, is a disability advocacy firm devoted to getting you approved for disability benefits, provided you meet the criteria the government has established. We work with you to make sure we have all relevant medical records and occupational information that will help establish your disability. We also work with your doctors to make sure your disability and limitations are clearly identified to the Social Security Administration. If your case, like most, makes it to the hearing level, we continue to advocate for you in front of a judge, helping them understand why you meet the criteria for being approved for benefits

Hiring an advocate that will advocate for your disability claim requires no money out-of-pocket. Our fee — and every other disability advocates’ for that matter — is set by the government at 25% of any back pay award that you might be entitled to, and is capped at $6,000.00. We also include FOR FREE the cost of collecting all of your relevant medical records. (Be aware that other disability firms might attempt to collect this amount from you after you win your hearing.) The medical record costs can be quite high, especially in more involved cases. Our “Free Record Policy” allows you to keep more of your benefits in your pocket after you are approved.

We can help you in your case if you are just getting started or if you have already been denied at the initial application or reconsideration level. While most of our clients come to us before anything is filed, we are happy to help you wherever along the path you might be. So wherever you are in the process, let us help you to win your case and get you approved for benefits.

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